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Acting & Body Language

Amongst all the Careers related to Films and Television, Acting is perhaps the most lucrative. The sky, in this case is really the limit. The spectacular nature of a successful Actor’s Career makes it a highly sought-after profession. But Acting is not only about becoming a super star and doing the main lead in a Film. Each and every character in a script needs an actor-and preferably a trained one.

Actors are the individuals that portray the different characters in a Script. These are the individuals that help bring written Scripts alive. Actors will typically rehearse, or practice, before they are ready for their role. Actors are also responsible for memorizing their lines and cues. Most Actors will often study and scrutinize their characters carefully before truly getting a grasp on their roles. For instance, an Actor playing the role of a historical figure, will often find himself pouring over newspaper clippings, biographies, movies, news stories, and interviews that focus on this figure. This research, although time consuming, is often a very important part of an Acting Career.

Film and Television Acting is a further specialized field and quite different from theatrical Acting. It is an art that not only requires its own skill but also requires a larger understanding of the cinematic art form and technical atmosphere. They must also work closely with other members of a Production, including other Actors, Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Writer, Makeup Artist, Costume Designer and lighting Technicians etc.

Where does an Actor work?

To start an Acting Career, everybody will usually be required to participate in several auditions. During these auditions, they will be required to show off the Acting skills. Everyone will also usually be competing with several other Actors for the same part and only the best one will be picked.

The majority of Actor starts their acting careers at the bottom and work their way up. For example they may start working as a junior artist and they should be the member of Artist forum. As they gain more experience and perform better Directors and Producers may start considering them for the major role gradually.

Working on a Motion Picture isn’t the only option for those interested in an Acting career. They can work in TV Serials, AD Films and Music Videos etc.

What is the average annual income for an Actor?

There is no hard and fast rule determining the pay packages of Actors as they are mostly dependent on the kind of popularity the Actor enjoys among his fans, the kinds of projects he or she has at hand, his or her personal chemistry with Producers, Directors and Financiers etc. 

As per available sources in Bollywood senior Actors and Actresses demand something around Rs. 50,000 - 1,50,000 per day. Who are mostly young are paid something around Rs. 1,00,000 per week. Absolute fresher (including child actors) can settle for something around Rs. 1,000 - 15,000 on an average per day. There is little to differentiate the salary ranges based on gender as immensely popular Actors (both male and female) charge a whopping Rs. 45,000 - 1,00,000 per episode or per day as per their working hours. But the rate depends upon the Film industry and the project they join.

Course Fees : Rs. 30,000/-
Course Duration : 1 year (2 Semesters)
Class Schedule : 3 days per week
Project : Individual Film
Contractual Assignment : Different Fictional TV Programmes, TV Commercials, Music Video, Still ADs etc

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