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Anchor/RJ/News Reader

Though all are different professions but the career in News Reading or Anchoring or RJ or News Reader suits people with bold personalities. There are several skills required for this career. Firstly, there is no room for any stage fright or camera fright. A Newsreader or Anchor needs to be presentable in front of the camera at all times. Not only does a Newsreader read the news, he must also aim at grasping the viewers’ attention so that they stick to that particular channel.

For an Anchor a strong command of the language & good public speaking are essential. He/she has the capability of improvisation. They should excel in both verbal and written skills and have an excellent fund of general knowledge on matters such as current situations, including political issues. They must have a passion for journalism and must be daring enough to travel to different locations to collect news and for required shooting.

Although Radio Jockeys are required for all Channels of Radio but a Radio Jockey is usually related to FM. FM channel broadcasts in stereo and has very good sound quality as compared to other short, medium wave channels. FM channels are relatively new medium and has gone through lot of changes since its formation. The style, expression, delivery and content too has developed. FM Radio is a fast progressing industry with more and more channels opening up in different cities of the country.

A News Reader must also be quick in thinking and executing. He needs to be alert at all times and must have good decision making skills. Mostly a Newsreader reads off the news from the Teleprompter or from prepared notes. But at times when such facilities are not available, for instance in the case of breaking news he/she may be required to present the news to the viewers after listening to the Producer who briefs him on the matter. Innovation and creativity are also part of the bargain in this profession. Therefore Newsreaders must be concise & clear in their actions.

Where does  Anchor/RJ/News Reader work?

Mostly they work for any Television Channel (News, GEC both) and Radio as a salaried staff. Apart from that as an Anchor/RJ/News Reader has liberties and opportunities to work with different Production houses who work for Television Channel as outside Producer. They can perform as a Stage Presenter in different Events and Shows. Most of them work and earn as Voice-over artist in different studios as well.

What is the average Salary of Anchor/RJ/ News Reader?

As Anchor can perform as a freelancer in different platforms like Television Channel, Events etc and can earn all together above 40,000 per month.
In FM Radio station an RJ can expect a monthly salary ranging from Rs. 30,000 - 70,000.
In India, an established News Reader can expect a monthly salary ranging from Rs. 50,000 - 1,400,000.

Course Fees : Rs. 20,000/-
Course Duration : 6 months
Class Schedule : 2 days per week
Project : Individual Non-Fiction TV Programme / Radio Show
Contractual Assignment : Different Non-Fiction TV Programmes, Stage Show etc

No word floats without an anchoring connection within an overall structure” [Stanley Fish]

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