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Film Direction

Film Direction shapes the look and feel of a Film. Producing a Film generally requires the helping hands of hundreds of people. One of the most important professionals during the production of the Film, however, is the Film Director.

Film Director is the creative force that pulls a Film together, responsible for turning the words of a script into images on the screen. Actors, Cinematographers, Writers, Editors and other Technicians orbit around the Director like planets around the Sun. Film Directors are the professionals that are responsible for making the majority of the creative decisions during Film making.

A Film Director can often be referred to as a leader or supervisor during the production of a Film. Without a Director, the process of making a Movie would be complete and utter chaos, instead of just slightly chaotic at times. Chances are a Film would not ever get made without the help of a Director.

Where does a Film Director work?

Finding work in the Film Industry in general is largely based on who you know and who you network with. Joining the Director’s Guild or some similar organization can be an excellent tool as well. Many Directors typically get their start in a Film Direction career by working under a more experienced Director. For instance, they may be an Assistant Director, or they may participate in an Internship.

Working on a Motion Picture isn’t the only option for those interested in a Film Direction career. As a Freelancer they can work in TV Serial, AD Film, Music Video, Documentary, Corporate Film etc.
Different Television Channels, Television Programme Production houses, Advertising agencies hire Film Directors.

What is the average Salary for a Film Director?

The types of work (Movie, TV Serial, AD Film, Music Video, Documentary, Corporate Film) that a Director helps produce as well as his overall success typically plays a large part in his salary. Generally speaking, the budget of a film often determines the Director’s salary. Usually any Director gets the 10% amount of the entire budget of the project as remuneration.
Film Director salary varies between Rs. 5,00,000 – 10,00,000 depending upon the Film house and the project he joins. After getting some exposure and working with some established Directors there is no counting of money one can earn in his professions.

Course Fees : Rs. 40,000/-
Course Duration : 1 year (2 semesters)
Class Schedule : 3 days per week
Project : Individual Film Direction
Contractual Assignment : Different Fiction & Non-Fiction TV Programmes, TV Commercials, Music Videos etc

Audiences are harder to please if you’re just giving them special effects . . . but they’re easy to please if it’s a good story[Steven Spielberg] 

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