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Make-up & Hair Dresser

Make-up and Hair Dresser must be able to create make-ups and hairstyles to meet production requirements. They oversee make-up and hair continuity during Filming and remove products as required. Make-up and Hair Dresser are employed throughout pre-production and production and usually work on a freelance basis. 

Make-up and hair are key elements in the overall design of Films and Television Productions creating a look for the characters in relation to social class and time periods and any other elements required to create the desired illusion. On Film and TV Serial their work is directed by Director who provide them with detailed notes, character and scene breakdowns and if necessary reference pictures about the characters they must create. Sometimes they may only receive a rough brief. They must maintain the continuity of the actor’s ‘look’.

They usually accompany their performers onto set, standing by to touch up make-up between takes, and ensuring that continuity notes are maintained using photographs. When the scenes have been shot, they remove performer’s make-up, washing out products from their hair and conditioning it. They remove wigs, ensuring that they are cleaned and prepared for further use.  

Where does a Make-up man / Hair Dresser work?

Working as a Freelance Makeup Artist will offer the most variety in career. They can work on Movies, TV Serials, Theatres, Photo shoots, Music Videos, Live performances, Weddings etc. They have to be able to do everything and be ready to go where the work is. 

What is the average income of Make-up man / Hair Dresser?

Make-up man & Hair Dresser have wide job opportunities. In Cinema and Television, need professional Make-up man & Hair Dresser as do Television News-rooms. They could work in salons, freelance or even teach. Salaries will depend on where you are placed and your experience. At News Channels the starting salary is Rs 20,000 - 30,000. An experienced Make-up man & Hair Dresser working on a Film shoot is assured a minimum wage of Rs 3,000 for an eight-hour shift.

A mid-level Make-up man & Hair Dresser could easily earn between Rs. 80,000 - 1,00,000 a month and if any Make-up man & Hair dresser make the cut as the personal makeup artist of a big star, it could fetch Rs 35,000 - 40,000 a shift. Ad films pay an average of Rs 10,000 a shift. A 20-day TV serial contract could be worth Rs 80,000 - 90,000, a part of which must be shared with the junior makeup artist.

Course Fees : Rs. 20,000/-
Course Duration : 6 months
Class Schedule : 2 days per week
Project : Individual Film
Contractual Assignment : Different Fiction & Non-Fiction TV Programmes, TV Commercials, Music Video etc

Makeup supposed to look like no makeup or whatever[Thomas Pynchon] 

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