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Story & Screenplay Writing

Story & Screenplay writing refers to the process of writing Screenplays or Scripts that are written specifically for Movies. Some Screenplays might also be written for Television shows, Advertisements, Music Videos, Corporate Films as well. While writing a Script for the stage is similar to writing a Script for the screen, these two processes also have a couple major differences. First of all a Screenplay Writer generally has a little more creative freedom than a Playwright. For example, dramatic special effects like explosions are entirely possible when making a Movie but special effects when putting on a stage play may be limited. Generally speaking, a Screenplay Writer is limited only by his imagination.

The majority of Screenplays typically start with a cast of Characters. These characters are the backbone of the script and without them a story would not be possible. A Screenplay Writer will usually take the time to extensively research and develop each individual character. One way to do this is to write the name of a character on a page along with a short biography for that character. This biography can include the character’s background information, including that character’s goals, ambitions, emotions, and personality quirks.

Unless a Screenplay Writer is lucky enough to have been commissioned to write a Screenplay he will usually need to sell it in order to make any money. Most Screenplay Writers usually employ the help of an agent for this process but this isn’t always necessary, depending on the circumstances.

Where does a Story-Screenplay Writer work?

Finding work in the Film Industry in general is largely based on who you know and who you network with. Joining the Screenplay Writer’s Guild or some similar organization can be an excellent tool as well. Many Screenplay Writers typically get their start in a Film career by working under a more experienced Screenplay Writer.

Working on a Motion Picture isn’t the only option for those interested in a Screenplay Writer career. As a Freelancer he can works in TV Serial, AD Film, Music Video, Documentary, Corporate Film etc. Different Television Channels, FM Radio, Television Programme Production houses, Advertising agencies hire Screenplay Writer or Copy writer.

What is the average Salary of Story & Screenplay Writer?

When any Screenplay Writer works as freelancer, annual salaries can be rather difficult to compute and this is usually determined by the number and types of scripts sold each year. Talented and experienced individuals sell several Screenplays for high budget Movies during their Screenplay Writing careers.

In Television Channel and FM Radio stations they work as a Copy Writer which is a full time job. They get Rs. 3,00,000 – 5,00,000 salary per annum with others facilities as well.

Course Fees : Rs. 20,000/-
Course Duration : 6 months
Class Schedule : 2 days per week
Project : Individual Film
Contractual Assignment : Different Fiction & Non-Fiction TV Programmes, TV Commercials, Music Video, Corporate Films etc

To make a fine film, you need 3 things: a great script, a great script and a great script[Alfred Hitchcock]

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