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Television & FM Radio Programming

Programme Producer or Executive Producer (EP) is responsible for the overall quality control of productions. They are part of the team who are responsible for selecting marketable projects. They lead the production of a range of Television programmes (Fiction & Non-Fiction) and format shows in FM Radio.

On some productions the Programme Producer or Executive Producer role may be combined with other roles, so that as well as raising the finance they may also be responsible for managing the budget during production. When they work any Movie production house, they will ensure the Movie is completed on time, within budget and to agreed artistic and technical standards.

Programme Producer or Executive Producer must be able to identify commercial, marketable projects. They have overall responsibility for the successful financing and marketing of these projects. They play a key role in ensuring that projects eventually become broadcast programs. During production Programme Producer or Executive Producer may be involved in some aspects of Scripting, Casting and Crewing. They often work on a number of projects simultaneously. They are experienced industry practitioners who have usually worked previously for a number of years in any one of a variety of roles, such as Producer, Director, Screenplay Writer. Most have some hands on experience of producing.

Programme Producer or Executive Producer must be excellent negotiators. They need a keen business sense and an intimate knowledge of all aspects of film production, financing, marketing and distribution.

Where does a Programme Producer or Executive Producer work?

Programme Producer or Executive Producer usually work in Television Channel or FM Radio or their way up through a production company or start their own. Because it is a relatively high-level career, Programme Producer or Executive Producer must demonstrate an affinity for delegating tasks and ability to multi-task. Different Television Channels (News, GEC), FM Radio stations, Movie production houses, Television Programme Production houses recruit Programme Producer or Executive Producer.

What is the average Salary of Programme Producer or Executive Producer?

Programme Producer or Executive Producer salary varies between Rs. 3,00,000 – 8,00,000 per year depending upon the Television Channel, FM Radio stations, Production Houses he joins. After getting some experience & seniority they may get offer from other houses with higher salary.

Course Fees : Rs. 30,000
Course Duration : 1 year (2 Semesters)
Class Schedule : 3 days per week
Project : Individual Non-Fiction TV Programme / Radio Programme
Contractual Assignment : Different Fiction & Non-Fiction TV Programmes / Radio Programmes

I never called my work an ‘Art’. It’s part of show business, the business of building entertainment[Walt Disney]

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